Stay Focused, Get Motivated – Follow your Inspiration! Are these just crap buzz words people say because it makes them sound smart or does following those mantras actually help you?

How do you hear all that or say all that and actually get anything done – and in this case I’m gonna focus on fitness.

I come across lists about fitness goals and sticking to them constantly and they all pretty much say the same stuff.

  1. Set goals (realistic or non-realistic)
  2. Make it visible/public
  3. Focus on positivity 
  4. Have a plan
  5. Change your diet (you should be calling it your “nutrition strategy” and I’ll dive into this later.
  6. Join a gym/workout class
  7. Be specific

I just condensed two stories I came across recently into that simple to read list. YAAAA for me and now YAAAA for you. Go out and change your life!

But is it really that easy? Can you just flip a switch and be healthy? Is the body in those magazines or on those website attainable?

I can flip a switch and become totally focused on something that previously mattered not to me. I am not unique in that, at least I don’t believe I am unique in that regard. Many people get focused and stay focused by setting a goal, putting a plan in place and going all in.

It comes down to making something so important to you that you won’t take no for an answer, Not from yourself, not from your family, not from your friends – no one can say no to you. It’s like you are in your own world and all the doubters and hater can go to hell – and telling yourself to go to hell is the most important person you have to tell “talk to the hand.”



Yourself will be your biggest challenge to overcome. If you have kids then they come in a close second. You’ll say your schedule is to tight to do anything about your current fitness/health level and you’ll just go about your day like you always do.

You’ll eat a crappy breakfast. Actually, you’ll keep eating breakfast which studies have shown isn’t necessary. Intermittent fasting is a growing movement and I just linked you to a google page full of articles about it.

You can set all the goals you want but if your diet consists of high glycemic index foods, processed crap and calorie dense beverages then just don’t even bother going into the gym. Working out is a fourth of the equation with nutrition being the majority.

People are going to read that and tell me to go to hell and that’s fine. I’m pretty sure they’re watching me down there to see which way I’ll go in the end. I wasted a lot of time in my youth doing things wrong and now that I am older I am focused on being the light that is good in a tunnel full of darkness.

I’ll get into intermittent fasting  in much more detail in a later story. It is my go-to nutrition strategy but that’s not what I am closing with here today.

Check out this easy to follow info-graphic for more details on how and why you should implement an intermittent fasting strategy today – its so pretty I screen-shotted it and put it on my iPad lock screen.

You have to flip a switch in your head that says no more if you want to get anything of importance done in your life. This is universal. If you are unhappy with something in your life you MUST make the decision to change it no matter the hurdles or consequences.

Divorce, changing jobs, relationship overhauls, habits, skill set growth – whatever it is in your life, using buzzwords and thinking that’s all it’s gonna take is naive and misguided.

When I decided to quit drinking it wasn’t just to get pats on the back and feel good about myself for a bit. It was to completely change the trajectory of my life. My escape velocity was never going to reach maximum potential with booze in my life. Once that decision was made no one, nothing, was going to deviate me from that path.

You can make any change you want to in life. Here’s how:

  1. Decide what needs to be changed.

  2. Make today your birthday for this new life.

  3. Have at least three step figured out so you can gain momentum.

  4. Get support.

  5. Read, learn, watch whatever you need to get some ideas from others who have done something similar so you can formulate a long term strategy.

  6. Do not take no for an answer.

  7. Don’t be realistic – make wildly, sky-high demands upon yourself. Shoot for the stars and you’ll hit the moon strategy.

  8. Be positive throughout.

  9. Tell those that will support you what you are doing.

  10. Keep those that will sabotage you in your new endeavor in the dark and only show/tell them what you have been up to when you feel you’ve gained so much momentum not even the gods could stop you now.

I’ve got a lot more to write about this subject. In fact, I am going to look back on this post and pull topics from it on the regular and when I do write those I will have already gone in and placed links to my other articles within this article so if you have clicked on a link above and it took you to another post of mine now you know why.

Good luck. Actually screw luck. Be courageous and just do it!