Patrick Ananda started the Magnetic Man Blueprint as a way to help men get out of their heads and into the present. He is vastly different, and in fact not even comparable, to the “pickup artists” that seem to have proliferated since the advent of Facebook and lead generating ads.

I mean, what guy wouldn’t click on an ad that promised him he would be dating models in less than 30 days if he just signed up for a thousand dollar program?

Instead, Patrick teaches what he learned through trail and error – that a woman wants a confident man. A man that does not abide by social norms of meekness, foregoing that already played out scene, in favor of one where honesty and openness are the default settings in the face of awkwardness and social anxiety.

In order for a man to exude confidence he has to be centered within himself, present in the moment and adventurous – ready to explore the world around him and the cornucopia of delights it offers.

It’s not that women like dating jerks, its that jerks have an abundance of confidence which leads them to say and do whatever they want because they are fine with who they are and the life they lead. Trust me on this – I live in LA – jerky, douche baggery is on constant display. To the point – I’m in Hollywood, so I have many experiences to back up that statement.

Patrick’s program spends the first month just getting the men to look inside themselves and figure out what is and has been holding them back from fulfilling their hearts desires, not just in the dating realm, but in the key components of human life – self, career and relationships.

The second month is dedicated to getting men to stop with the fear already and just step outside their safe zone and be the man that lives in the moment and seizes the day – whatever that might mean to them.

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