Lydia Taggart and I got along immediately when we met. Our communication styles are similar and our interactions genuine and joyous. Once I learned she is a radio host and author of a program called, “Layers of Communication,” I knew she would be a perfect guest for season two.

Making radical, huge, large or even small changes in life takes effort. In my experience it also takes a support system around you that can push, prod, cajole or leave you be so you can accomplish the change you are moving toward to complete whatever goal it is you set.

Communicating to those around you about what you do or don’t need from them is integral in accomplishing the change you desire. The layers surrounding the conversations you have with those people can be quite difficult to traverse if you aren’t actively aware of what you are saying and being active in your listening to what the other person or people are communicating back to you.

What happens if you don’t receive the response you were hoping for?

What happens if you do receive the response you were hoping for?

No doubt you set a resolution for 2018 and knowing how to communicate that want, need or desire to those closest to you is only an hour away. So many what if’s surround communication styles it can be maddening. Dive into Lydia and I’s conversation so that you can better understand what layers of communication are and how they effect every aspect of your life.