Josh Tickell became a household name, and went viral before viral was a thing, in 1997 when he drove his Veggie Van around the country fueled on nothing but used fryer grease. He has since directed multiple documentaries, won a Sundance award for best documentary, “Fuel” and tapped into communicating with millennials like none other.

He joins the show this week because of his new book, “Kiss the Ground.” It is all about soil rejuvenation and how with proper soil care the world’s future food crisis can be averted. He spent over a decade looking into how farmers tend their fields and treat the nutrients in the ground that are so vital to the nutritional aspects the food they grow will one day carry.

Who would have thought that tiling the land could actually kill nutrients in the soil – or that there are more bacteria in a handful of dirt than there are stars in the sky?!

Of course I find Josh interesting and once you are done listening to this podcast you will too – maybe you’ll even go to Amazon and buy his book and check out his official website, “Kiss the Ground.”

Maybe, just maybe, we will all one day care as much about soil as Josh and the Kiss the Ground team does because without nutrients soil is just dirt, and that’s just one step up from sand – and we have plenty of that already.