In order for all those Star Wars, Fifth Element and the like worlds to exist these are the hurdles and challenges we need to overcome so we can have flying cars, pills that hydrate into huge meals and artificial intelligence, so Terminator can be a documentary and not a sci-fi movie.

Pocket super computers for everyone? See iPhone or check out this article which is a complicated read the first time through.

Drones and flying cars. Amazon wants them to deliver your mail.

Virtual and Augmented reality. Yeah, that’s on the horizon and human interaction in the rear-view mirror.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains.  Hello Bitcoin.



You can go through the story like I did and do your own research. I’m not your library – though I do like turning you on to new ideas and information.

All this is great but these are just the small inventions we need to get past so we can get to the amazing stuff.

Space stations the size of the Death Star. The ability to bend space and time. Morphing time into our own reality. Future energies like nuclear fusion and space solar panels. Unlimited supply of healthy food for the Earth’s ever growing population.

I myself look forward to the day we have our sh*t together enough as a species that we try to clone the species we have killed off. I’m not talking Jurassic Park here. I want black rhinos back.

Futuristic movies give us unlimited imagination to play with. Interstellar and Arrival are windows into a future that we could have. Alines being friendly. Time and Space bending.

That’s what excites me. Even if that’s 20 generations off – or is it?