David Winston spoke at METal not to long ago and I was instantly interested in everything he had to say about polling, the statistics and data he pours through and how wrong so many were about how the 2016 Presidential election was going to play out.

He has an innate ability to look past the politics, the warring parties and the fluff and noise coming from all sides and focus on what the people are actually saying when his company polls them.

Being of a growth mindset, I love hearing data and facts to back up what someone is saying – regardless if it goes against what I think or believe. While many at METal that day seemed to want to debate about this, that or the other – okay it was Trump/Republicans vs Bernie/Hillary/Democrats – I just wanted to converse with David about how his data told him what more than half the country feared would become reality.

Check out this weeks episode and find David’s official website if you’d like more information about what he does.