John Livesay and I are members of Media, Entertainment, Technology alpha leaders (METal) and through that organization I have gotten to know him well. In our first encounter I told him about this show and he gave me some interesting ideas that I implemented immediately.

In our episode together he and I embark on an awesome conversational journey about how communicating through stories can help anyone become compelling whether it be in business or personal relationships.

John is a keynote speaker known as “The Pitch Whisperer.” He can help anyone go from Invisible To Irresistible. Get to YES faster and How To win Back Clients are two of his keynote talks.

As The Pitch Whisperer, John assists people toward crafting a compelling pitch that tugs at the heartstrings so people open their purse strings. He hosts “The Successful Pitch” podcast and is the author of “The Successful Pitch : Conversations on Going From Invisible To Investable”