Alissa Parker knows bodybuilding and how her fitness is directly tied to her nutrition strategy (formerly known as diet.) She also knows how to keep the gains in the gym heading in the right direction when it comes to meal time. 80%ish of the fitness goals one sets for themselves is controlled by what he or she puts into their body – so developing sound eating habits is crucial to hitting those goals you have seen for yourself this year and on into the future.

What can be misconstrued by a person, looking at the cover of a fitness magazine or the pictures inside, is that because the body featured looks so appealing the insides must be a reflection of the health on the outside. This is often not the case.

Alissa and I converse on nutrition in the fitness industry, how people’s short term diets and goals are counter-productive to longterm health and fitness empowerment and how she battled body image issues since kindergarten to become an International Federation Bodybuilding (IFBB) pro figure competitor.

Alissa’s latest book “Fit Starts in the Kitchen” is a cookbook with 100 recipes that she created. She also teaches about how to live a balanced, flexible lifestyle free from the yo-yo’s of fad diets and unrealistic expectations.

Alissa Parker is an IFBB pro figure competitor, certified nutritionist, coach, spin instructor, author, wife, and mother
of two girls. She has been competing for 10 years and coaches clients for competition, as well as general weight loss.

Having written and published two posing and stage presentation books “The Art of Posing and Stage Presentation” Figure Edition and Bikini Edition. Alissa is known for her coaching and bringing polished competitors to the fitness stage.


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